Wind Chi

This field, our place of wind and chi.

Big sky – distant mountains and

Wind, always the wind

Pushing the chi into our souls

Filling every cell of our bodies

With its energy.

But now… he is gone….

And I am here alone.

Silent soft sadness surrounds me and

When my body can hold no more

The sadness seeps from my fingertips and

The corners of my eyes

So I sit, just sit with

My hands and feet in the grass,

My head in the clouds and

My heart in his hands

This place is a crack in the veil

Between the worlds

Where the bodhicitta flows.

The Earth’s life force swirls like smoke around my feet

And echoes in the bird song

That fills the space between the trees.

Light is filtered in ever changing

Dappled patters and the wind ripples

The grasses in waves that travel through this wind-chi place.

It is here, and only here

That I feel him beside me –

His essence lingers in this thin place.

I can hear his voice on the wind,

See his smile in the bird song and feel

His love in the sweet softness of the grass and

Whispers of the mist.

Time moves slowly and

each moment osculates freely here

Where forever is cradled in the

Bloom of the milkweed.

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