The Duality of Love

How can someone tell me

They are not the only one for me?

The only one I could love?

How does he know, he is not me.

I can’t replace one with another.

But I guess he can, maybe therein lies the problem.

No one is special, we are all interchangeable,

After all, he loves us all the same…

I have to try to stop making sense out of it all

Because there is none.

How does love end, and when it does,

Where does it go?

They all tell me, if you wait long enough, it will fade and take the pain with it.

Does inaction bring detachment or just an accepted denial of the truth?

It is sad to think that out of sight can mean out of heart.

Will I feel it when it goes, will he?

The thought of it going brings a sadness that overwhelms my soul.

Were all those soft moments in candlelight and warmth

A lie? I think not.

The duality of love, there is nothing better,

And nothing worse.



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