A Ghost and A Spirit

So different, yet the same,

So loved and missed equally.

Why, why be given

Just to be taken back.

Better to have loved and lost?

I cannot agree.

The ghost lingers in my mind

in my soul, in my heart.

His kindness and wisdom overwhelming.

His leaving not his choice.

His love, his kisses, his arms,


His soul vibrant and alive,

Curious and seeking, the seeker found.

His knowledge given freely but

A troubled spot existed.

What to do, how not to hurt,

how to have it all, never realized.

Taken to spare the pain of decisions ?

Possibly, but taken to soon.

Forever missed – missing what was and what

could have been.

His ghost lingers , will never fade

Will always reside in my soul.

And then the other, the spirit,

He resides in my soul as well.

My choice, not his.

He loves but doesn’t

He comes and goes

Is mine, is not.

Each day brings something new.

His love is passionate and wonderful.

I ask for nothing in return.

He may not have it to give.

He is troubled in his soul,

Tries to hide, tries to love.

Conflicted and searching.

A beautiful soul tormented, he draws me in and pushes me away.

But in spite of it all, I love his tormented soul, his powerful sexuality,

His grace and projected kindness.

But I sense frustration and darkness within him.

I could help if he would let me.

And so it continues, he comes and goes,

loves and doesn’t, wants and needs but rejects and has a place in my soul forever

A ghost and a spirit reside within me and yet sadly,

I will remain forever alone.

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